Friday, March 21, 2008

Find us on Facebook

I've created a Facebook page for, although I haven't done very much with it. The idea is to create a space for more user discussion and reviews (if any), but also to allow people to become a fan of which would help promote the site (and the gospel) to their friends on facebook.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full chapter text in feeds

I received some feedback requesting that the full chapter text be included as part of the feed. has never been about providing content, instead just linking to content. All the chapters and audio files remain on their original servers at I'm uncomfortable with providing any more than short excerpts as part of the feed.

However, for those who do want more than an excerpt as part of the feed, I have a solution for you. Yahoo! Pipes is a service which allows for manipulations of data sources and feeds. I've created a pipe that will automatically fetch the chapter text from and include it along with the feed. Here is how you use it:

I hope this helps. If many people start using it, I might create better pipes that filter out page headers/footers or I might include links to the pipes from .