Friday, April 11, 2008

Number of active feeds

Looking through the database today, I saw that there are about 40-50 feeds which have been accessed within the last week. I consider this number to represent the number of current users. I expect this number to pick up as people create feeds of the latest General Conference.

Spring General Conference 2008 now online!

I've added General Conference, Spring 2008 to the volumes to scriptures available for podcasting. Those who wish to listen to the General Young Woman Conference may start with that if they wish. Those who don't want to listen to the Young Woman Conference may start with the Saturday morning session, or any other session or talk that they wish.

I usually like to listen to the past general conference gradually before the next general conference. I've added a special link to the homepage which will create a feed doing just this: starting now (whenever that may be), it will progress through the General Conference talks to finish October 31, 2008.