Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Financial costs for

When I first started developing custom scripture podcasts, I did it as a personal tool and as an experiment. When I got the software to something that I felt I could reliably use, I decided to share it with others on the Internet.  Since I already have a server, the only specific financial cost was for the domain name, 

It costs me, out of my personal expenses, about $10 every year to pay for the domain.  While this isn't a lot, it is a reoccuring expense that I would rather avoid.

Initially I had hoped that I could place a few advertisements on the site that would generate enough revenue to renew the domain name.  However, in the last year, the advertisements have only generated $2.24, which falls short from making custom scripture podcasts self-sufficient.

And so now, I'm considering a different a different financing method: donations.   For every $10 in donations I receive, I can continue using the domain for one more year, up to 9 years.

As a result, I will also be able to remove advertising from all of

You can use this donation button below to donate.  Thank you very much!